Financial Services

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Billing questions or payments? Call our billing specialists at (360) 255-6330.

You probably want to know what your medical imaging is going to cost. We get it.

Our financial services team is here to help you navigate the often-confusing world of health insurance coverage. We also work with people who pay cash for their medical care.

We will help you determine how much your insurance will cover and try to estimate how much you’ll have to pay out of pocket.

It’s hard to deal with medical bills. The Bellingham Advanced Medical Imaging financial services team is dedicated to helping you afford the imaging you need. Ways to pay include:


  • FSA/HSA: Use funds from your flexible savings account or health savings account.
  • Cash pay: Patients without insurance can inquire about our cash-pay price and prepay discount.
  • Payment plans: We work with you and your specific circumstances to help you pay your bill over time, but please contact us right away — if your bill goes to collections, our options are limited.
  • Recurring billing: We can split your payments up and bill your credit card monthly.

Workers Compensation/Automobile Insurance

If your imaging is needed due to a car accident or an accident at work, workers compensation or automobile insurance may be involved. Often these types of claims have additional paperwork needed.

Please let us know right away that your injury is related to a work or car accident so we can help work with your insurance claim.

Health Insurance

In addition to working with workers compensation and automobile insurance claims, we are an in-network provider for many major health insurance plans, including but not limited to:


If your health insurance plan isn’t listed, we will still bill your insurance. Your benefits may be different for an out-of-network provider.

We also work with Medicare and Apple Health (Medicaid) patients.

Whatever form of insurance you have, please bring your insurance ID card(s) and a photo ID (driver’s license preferred) to your appointment.

Sometimes your insurance will require a pre-authorization for your medical imaging. Your prescribing doctor will likely begin this process, but our pre-authorization team will double check your claim before your imaging exam. This may impact your scheduling  — we will keep working with you to keep you updated throughout the process.