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So your doctor has ordered a medical/diagnostic imaging exam. Our team is ready to help you every step of the way, from scheduling through getting timely access to your results.


How we schedule your advanced medical imaging depends on the type your referring provider has ordered as well as any special health considerations you have.

If your doctor has ordered a standard X-ray - what is an x-ray? learn here - you can come straight to Bellingham Advanced Medical Imaging center with your imaging order — a sheet your doctor has filled out to say what exam you need — we can see you on a walk-in basis. You may also call in advance to schedule a time for your exam.

Other types of imaging usually need to be scheduled. We will get you scheduled as soon as possible. Your exam may get moved forward or back depending on how quickly your insurance is able to pre-authorize your exam if required.

If at any time you need to reschedule your exam, we kindly ask for 24-hour advance notice so that we may make the time slot available for another patient.

To schedule an exam, call (360) 255-6330 and press option 2.

Prep For Specific Imaging Exams

Some medical imaging requires that you do — or don’t do — certain things before your appointment. Visit our exam prep page for specific instructions.

Lab Work

Some medical conditions combined with certain types of medical imaging require lab work before your imaging appointment. We will let you know if you need lab work and how to get it done.

For Your Appointment

Valuables: It’s always advised to leave valuables at home. We have lockers available if you need a safe place to store small items during your exam.

Clothing: Wear comfortable clothing. Whenever possible, we’ll let you stay in your own clothes. We have a private changing room should a gown be required.

Forms: Our new and returning patient forms are available online. Other forms are available too for specific types of imaging. We’ll let you know which of these forms we need. Feel free to print and fill them out before you arrive. Otherwise, plan to come a few minutes early to fill out the paperwork in our office.

After Your Exam

Once your exam is complete, our radiologists review the images and report back to your primary care doctor or other referring provider. Your doctor will go over the results with you and help you plan any next steps if necessary.

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