Prior Authorization

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Many health insurance plans require authorization before a diagnostic imaging exam. If a patient comes in for medical imaging without this pre-authorization, they may end up responsible for the total cost.

Bellingham Advanced Medical Imaging has a team dedicated to helping you and your team navigate the insurance authorization process for your patients. We’d love the opportunity to help.

Our referral specialist is standing by at (360) 428-7256.

Exams that commonly require authorization

Exams requiring prior authorization forms and clearance vary from plan to plan. Most commonly, authorization is required for:

  • CT
  • CTA
  • MRI

Peer-to-peer review

Sometimes authorization is denied by an insurance company. If that happens, a clinical peer-to-peer review may be requested by your patient’s health insurance plan.

This review is typically done via a phone call scheduled between the referring provider and a doctor employed by the insurance company. The goal of this review is to:

  • Discuss the patient’s medical history
  • Describe the clinical benefits of the proposed diagnostic imaging
  • Demonstrate the medical necessity of the imaging

In-network health care plans and insurances

Bellingham Advanced Medical Imaging is an in-network provider for most health insurance plans as well as Medicare and Medicaid (Apple Health).

Our complete list of affiliated insurance is available on our Financial Services page.

We look forward to helping you process the necessary documents, insurance authorization, and other requirements to get the treatment you need, with careful consideration and compassion for each individual.