Diagnostic Imaging Information for Providers

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Bellingham Advanced Medical Imaging is your community partner for diagnostic imaging services. We consider our imaging center an extension of your own office, where you offer patients access to timely, personalized and accurate medical care. Our subspecialty trained radiologists provide detailed reports, high-quality images using advanced technology, and outstanding patient and provider experiences.


Our easy-to-navigate picture archiving and communication system (PACS) portal is available to all referring providers. PACS is your central tool for:

  • Image viewing
  • Patient communication
  • Collaboration

Visit https://www.bamipacs.com to register for a free account or to login. If you have further questions, call (360) 255-6330 and dial 1260 to be connected to our PACS Administrator.

Order forms

Our diagnostic imaging form is available several ways:

  • Online: You can download and print in your office immediately.
  • Printed: We are happy to provide your office with printed doctors referrals pads and primary care referrals to specialists documentation.
  • Custom: Preprinted forms can be customized with your medical office’s name, provider name, and phone and fax numbers.

For more information or to request supplies, contact marketing and business development at (360) 428-7279.


Many health insurance companies require authorization before they cover non-emergency imaging. We’re here to help — with a team dedicated to helping you and your patients expedite the authorization process. Call us at (360) 255-6330 and dial 1235 to be connected with one of our preauthorization specialists.

Imaging consultations

Our subspecialty-trained radiologists are happy to help you choose which study to order. Please call (360) 255-6330 and press 9 to be connected with a provider representative who will connect you to the radiologist who can best answer your question. We also offer easy-to-access quick reference guides with suggested imaging exams for specific symptoms.


We are dedicated to providing timely medical imaging for you and your patients — many times, same-day appointments are available. Call (360) 255-6330 and press 2 to be connected with a scheduling representative to schedule a stat or urgent add-on. Results from these studies will be phoned to you by a radiologist immediately following the exam. For regularly scheduled medical imaging studies, we provide same-day interpretations.